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Smoked Fishes
With no competition, our smoked fish are superior to all. We carefully inspect our smoked fish and guarantee them fresh! We directly import many of our fish from the fisherman themselves and provide the most tender, delicate and delicious fish there is to offer.

Scottish Reserve Sliced Skinless
Scottish Reserve Sliced Skinless (2.5 lbs)

Price: $66.70/2.5 lbs

Nestled on the banks of the River Cree in the Scottish Lowlands, St. James Smokehouse produces Scottish smoked salmon of unsurpassed quality. Hand cured with a blend of golden demerara sugar and natural sea salt, the salmon are gently smoked over smouldering Scotch whiskey-oak chips under the watchful eye of skilled artisans.

Scottish Smoked Salmon Heart Fillet - Tsar Cut
Scottish Smoked Salmon Heart Fillet Cut (1.2 lbs)

Price: $45/1.2 lbs 

Approximately 1.2 lbs package Our luxurious texture of our Smoked Scottish Salmon Fillet almost melts in the mouth.

Smoked Whole Whitefish
Smoked Whole Whitefish (2 lbs)

Price$24.00/2 lbs 

Approximately 2 lbs each Package Whole Smoked Whitefish The fish are succulent and moist yet with a firm texture that allows use in a wide variety of recipes.

Scotch Reserve Scottish Gravelox
Scotch Reserve Scottish Gravelox 16 oz/1 lb

Price: $21.00/ 16 oz

Unsliced Seasoned Smoked Salmon, Cured with Brandy, Fresh Chopped Dill, Salt & Sugar 16 oz Package & 1 lb Package.

Smoked Peppered Mackerel
Smoked Peppered Mackerel (1.5 lb)

Price: $12.00/1.5 lb

Approximately 1.5 lbs each Package A European tradition, this excellent delicacy is slowly smoked, peppered and seasoned with much care and absolutely delicious.

Scotch Reserve Scottish Smoked Salmon
Scottish Reserve Smoked Salmon - 4 oz

$8.80/ 4 oz

sliced & silkiness on the tongue is the first thing you feel, then a rich buttery, salmon taste with just a lacing of sweet smoke. Flown in from the best producer in Scotland, this buttery salmon is scotch cured and smoked using oak, as opposed to fruit woods.